Kid Pan Alley has written over 2,700 songs with nearly 40,000 children all across the country so we’ve taken the liberty to narrow it down a bit for you by including some of our personal favorites featuring artists like Amy Grant, Sissy Spacek, Parachute, Kix Brooks, and many others. Some of these songs have won Parent’s Choice Awards, WAMMIE’s and one was even nominated for a GRAMMY.
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Favorites from Our New Album, One Little Song Can Change The World

One Little Song Can Change The World features songs from our assembly program that focuses on respect. We see what kids are thinking by what they want to write songs about.  The topic that comes up the most is bullying. The kids know we’ve got to have respect for each other, the environment, the community and oneself.  These are some of those songs that speak from the unique world-view of children – from what they feel, not what us adults think they should feel.  May these songs help heal the wounds.

Holiday Songs

We have a song for every occasion.

Environmental Awareness Songs

Let’s work together to take care of our little blue planet.

Songs About Love & Friendship

What do 1st graders know about love & friendship anyhow?

Funny Songs

Because let’s face it, kids have an excellent sense of humor and imagination.