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Kid Pan Alley’s mission is supported by a wide variety of foundations, state and federal grants and hundreds of individual donors. Such support is a testament to the power of the program and we, at Kid Pan Alley, thank all of our supporters for seeing, valuing and helping to bring Kid Pan Alley to children nationwide.
All Kid Pan Alley programs are subsidized in order to make them available to the broadest audience possible.
Without the support we receive, this would not be possible.

Our major supporters include:  The National Endowment for the Arts, Shenandoah National Park Trust, US Bank, The Argyll Foundation, The ASCAP Foundation Irving Caesar Fund, Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band, Caldwell Foundation,The William & Mary Greve Foundation, Inc.,  The Jacquemin Family Foundation, Les Paul Foundation, Mountain Laurel Foundation, Rappahannock Association for the Arts and Community’s Claudia Mitchell Fund, The Richard Lykes Fund, the Miller Fund, and the Kordtlant Fund of the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation, Rose and Jesse Loeb Foundation, The Russell Family Foundation, The Virginia Commission for the Arts, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Mellon Arts in Education Program, and many individual donors.

Did you know that just $30 will sponsor a child’s participation in an entire week of workshops and concerts? Become a Kid Pan Alley supporter and help kids find their voice.


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Thanks to our major donors



Give Local Piedmont • It was an amazing day. Thanks to 119 donors, matching gifts, bonuses, and 2nd prize for most donors, we raised over $38,000 which will provide a week of Kid Pan Alley for over 1,500 children. Thank you. You have changed the world for these children.

Kid Pan Alley on new Julie Andrews Netflix Series

Julie Andrews has a new Netflix series, Julie’s Greenroom, and Kid Pan Alley is on Episode 6.  It’s a series about the creative arts and children produced by the Jim Henson Company, the creators of Sesame Street.  Our episode features Sara Bareilles.  We were filmed at a summer camp we did last summer in Amherst, VA called Summer Stage.

YouTube Preview Image

Bouncin’–the new Kid Pan Alley Musical

We have a new musical featuring mostly Kid Pan Alley songs. Paul Reisler, our founder and Artistic Director, wrote the additional songs and the script.  It’s a moving story of friendship that dissolves and comes back together in crisis.  George Mason University presented a staged reading in December and we’re currently working on booking it for full performances.  Here are some excerpts from the December performance


“Kid Pan Alley is where creativity starts. Without this amazing program, most kids will never know the joy of writing and singing their own song.”


Dr. Ysaye Barnwell, Sweet Honey in the Rock
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