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Kid Pan Alley’s mission is to inspire and empower children to work together to become creators of their own music and to rekindle creativity as a core value in education through the group songwriting process.

To date, we've written over 2,700 songs with over 50,000 children across the country from Virginia to Hawaii. The songs are a sophisticated and powerful world-view as seen through the eyes of the children.  Our songs have been recorded by artists including Amy Grant, Sissy Spacek, Delbert McClinton, Cracker, Kix Brooks, Nashville Chamber Orchestra, Corey Harris, Suzy Bogguss and many others. We’ve won numerous awards including Parents’ Choice Gold Awards, a WAMMIE, and have received a Grammy nomination for one of our recordings.

Just Imagine that you are a child and your class writes a song with a professional songwriter … and that song is recorded by a world-class recording artist. You’d be changed forever – seeing yourself as a creator, not just a consumer of popular culture.

In addition to all the things you’d learn about creative writing, music, performance and the subjects you are writing about, you’d learn about teamwork, embracing diversity, collaboration and you’d discover a self-confidence you didn’t know you had.

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What people are saying about Kid Pan Alley

“There is nothing more helpful to a developing human than to learn how to express feelings in sound. Kid Pan Alley is a fabulous way of bringing young people into the loop of reflective behavior, of constructive action. Power to the organizers of this remarkable initiative.”
Maestro Lorin Maazel, Music Director, NY Philharmonic, Castleton Festival
“Kid Pan Alley is where creativity starts. Without this amazing program, most kids will never know the joy of writing and singing their own song."

Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell, Sweet Honey in the Rock
“Kid Pan Alley is the quintessential program for helping kids to experience their creative power, their voice, and their own self-expression. This is the kind of experience that changes lives.”
Kathy Mattea, Grammy award winner
“Reisler's talents are many and his creativity, vast. Not too many people can do what he can do, bring the spirit of music and creating to new generations, opening up one of the most important doors there is. He is a national treasure.”

Robert Fritz, composer, filmmaker and best-selling author of “Creating” and “The Path of Least Resistance”
“As an elementary school educator, I’m a big fan of opportunities for children to create and write in a collaborative setting. And as a music journalist, I’m an even a bigger fan of Paul Reisler, and Kid Pan Alley’s ‘I Used to Know the Names of All the Stars.’ There’s not a weak link in this chain of 18 splendid kid-penned tunes but I’m particularly smitten by the lovely “Who Said Love” and the wise guy humor of ‘My Dog Did My Homework.’ ”
Bill Craig, Richmond Times-Dispatch
“We are always looking for innovative ways to make the works of art feel more relevant. Kid Pan Alley’s ‘The Music of Art’ program does just that. The songwriting process around these works opens up a world of visual literacy, curiosity, creativity, collaboration and confidence for the students, helping them develop personal and meaningful connections with the works and with each other. The results are pure magic.”

Sarah Durkee, Vice President of Public Education, Corcoran Gallery of Art
“Magnificent; honest, transformational lyrics with groove that pulls out all the stops. Kid Pan Alley’s latest group of songs written with elementary school students makes us know our future is in good hands. With the Kid Pan Alley experience in their pockets, these children know to the core how to express ideas, how to collaborate, and best of all, that they are creators of awesome songs.”

Art of the Song Creativity Radio
“Where have you people been all my life??? I got the CD ‘Tidal Wave of Song,’ and it made my day ... Frankly, I was despairing of finding anything good to write about this month and was reaching back to some of last year's favorites (Grammy-nominated). I put your CD in the player, and my only problem is what to play first on Kids Corner. I love this CD. It is quite amazing.”

Kathy O'Connell, WXPN-FM, Philadelphia
“The Kid Pan Alley project is a great concept, to be sure. But the end result is even more impressive. Kids' music that is exactly that: Music for-and by-kids. The songs are written with a charming honesty and whimsy that only children can create…Unquestionably the most original kids' CD I've heard all year.”


Kenny Curtis, XM Satellite Radio
“Tidal Wave of Song is a veritable tsunami of homegrown music from Rappahannock County, Va. Wide-ranging, surprising and fun. But my favorite thing about the CD is that it is one of the most community-based projects I've ever heard. From start to finish it sings a song that could and should be lifted in every neighborhood, county and country: ‘This is who we are!’ I love it!”

John McCutcheon, Grammy nominee
“From the first notes you are hooked by the joy that went into this project. It’s an album as ageless as the community that has created it, and that rings true with just one listen…Music that can be enjoyed by the entire family.”

MetroKids Magazine, Philadelphia
“Feel-good songs, bluesy songs, funny songs and silly songs, big-hearted, I-know-how-you-feel songs: This beautifully produced CD is an all-inclusive celebration of creativity, shared experiences and new horizons.”

Parents’ Choice Magazine
“The Nashville Kid Pan Alley CD has not left my car CD player since I first received it. Kids of all ages love it. The songwriting of the school children along with adult songwriters is so incredibly disarming.”

Amy Grant, Grammy award winner
“When it comes to music for kids, Nashville couldn't produce better songwriters than, well . . . kids. Simply put, no one can capture the essence of Christmas in Tennessee, the fulfillment of curling up in front of your favorite cartoons or the pleasantly pungent aroma of stinky socks quite like a child can.”

The Tennessean, Nashville
“Paul Reisler has tapped into the creative powers of kids, inspiring and empowering them, and lighting a new fire in the artists that get the privilege of working with them.”

Lari White, Grammy nominee
"'One Little Song Can Change the World', and you will believe it afresh after listening to this new recording from Kid Pan Alley.  The songs carry the insightful and foresightful truths of young artistic spirits, and the music is a sharp, clear, clever, beautiful embodiment of these wise-before-their-years young writers.  It is often said that Kid Pan Alley inspires students—it isn’t just students who come away from this work inspired.”

Eric Booth, actor and author of “The Music Teaching Artist’s Bible” and “The Every Day Work of Art.” Professor at Julliard & Stanford University—considered the father of the teaching artist profession
"One Little Song Can Change the World is a joyous children's music album, featuring original songs co-written by students in ten different schools and Kid Pan Alley founder/artistic director Paul Reisler. A range of vocal and music styles add variety to this delightful and inspiring album, brimming with positive messages and hope for the future. Highly recommended, both for family and public library children's music collections."         Midwest Book Review
“Children and adults alike will find themselves listening intently to every work of Kid Pan Alley’s new album, “One Little Song Can Change the World.” And for good reason. Each of this unique album’s 10 songs, written with children, delivers a much-needed lesson about bullying and respect—respect for each other, the community, the environment, even a young songwriter’s dog (despite the serious nature of its message, one can’t help but smile while listening to this album).”

John McCaslin, Rappahannock News

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