Want to see Kid Pan Alley live in action writing in a classroom, performing on stage or collaborating with an orchestra? Check out some of the videos below which feature Kid Pan Alley empowering children to be creators of their own music through songwriting workshops. 

Kula Elementary in Hawai’i



Kid Pan Alley songwriters Paul Reisler and Cheryl Toth writing songs with pre-school, kindergarten, and 1st grade at Kula Elementary in Hawai’i. Two songs: Who Painted the Butterfly and Cupid Shot his Arrow.


I’m Gonna Paint a Rainbow on My Wall

Kihei Elementary

Kid Pan Alley songwriters Paul Reisler and Cheryl Toth at Kihei Elementary with Ms. Schmidt and Mrs. Danii’s 2nd Grade.

If Christmas Sang To Me–Listen

A Kid Pan Alley Halloween Song

KPA Valentine’s Day Song feat. Raul Malo & Nashville Chamber Orchestra

Video: Rappahannock High School Band works with Kid Pan Alley & Col. John Bourgeois, fmr. Director of US Marine Band

Kid Pan Alley and Col. John Bourgeois, fmr. Director of the US Marine Band work with Rappahannock Huge School Band!

Video: What we did in 2017

Kid Pan Alley’s “Strike Up the Band” with the National Symphony on WETA

Get a firsthand look (courtesy of WETA-PBS) at Kid Pan Alley’s Strike Up the Band collaboration with the National Symphony as we write songs with students at Capitol Hill Montessori and arrange them with musicians from the NSO.

Video: What Kids Say About Kid Pan Alley

When kids are having fun, they say some of the most funny, creative, wonderful things. Here are their thoughts about their experience in Kid Pan Alley.

Video: Don’t Put Me Down, Or My Dog from our new album