Nobody Told

Pocahontas Elementary

We Can Be Ourselves

John Archer School for Special Needs Children

I Always Look Out for My Friends

Brumfield Elementary

Kid Pan Alley songwriters Paul Reisler and Whitney Asher with the 3rd grade at Brumfield Elementary

Shooting Stars Streaking Through the Night

Pu'u Kukui

Kid Pan Alley songwriters Paul Reisler and Cheryl Toth and Mr. Dunn’s 4th grade at Pu’u Kukui Elementary in Maui.

I Wish I Were Invisible–Dean Elementary

Jennie Dean Elementary School, Manassas, Virginia

Shoe Shopping–Carlin Springs Elementary

Hearst Elementary – My Own Known Universe

I Love to Sing–Round Elementary

My Silver Moon – Tye River Elementary

If I Could Walk on Water–Brook Knoll 3rd grade