See what the press as well as teachers, parents, kids, and well-known musicians say about Kid Pan Alley.

Kid Pan Alley wins NAPPA award

Maui News

Rappahannock News–KPA band project

Piedmont Lifestyle Magazine Review

Kid Pan Alley’s “Strike Up the Band” with the National Symphony on WETA

Get a firsthand look (courtesy of WETA-PBS) at Kid Pan Alley’s Strike Up the Band collaboration with the National Symphony as we write songs with students at Capitol Hill Montessori and arrange them with musicians from the NSO.

The Music of Art–WCVE-PBS

Kid Pan Alley’s Music of Art program is featured on WCVE-PBS in a songwriting residency with Patrick Henry School of Science and Art.  The songs were inspired by art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

One Little Song Can Change the World Review

Video: What Kids Say About Kid Pan Alley

When kids are having fun, they say some of the most funny, creative, wonderful things. Here are their thoughts about their experience in Kid Pan Alley.

Washington Post

A great article on the Kid Pan Alley process in the Washington Post by Sarah Polus.  Check it out!

Notable Quotes about Kid Pan Alley

Notable Quotes About Kid Pan Alley

So many artists, writers, journalists, teachers, moms and pops have said beautiful things about this work. We wanted to share some of them with you.