Kid Pan Alley’s mission is to inspire creativity, build confidence, and foster community among children of all ages through the group songwriting process.  We do this through our collaborative songwriting workshops - in schools, camps, and community centers nationwide.


Kid Pan Alley started with a brilliant but obvious discovery: kids make the greatest song co-writers. Paul Reisler, songwriter, composer, master songwriting teacher and founder of Trapezoid, learned this during an elementary school songwriting residency project in rural Rappahannock County, VA. There, he co-wrote over 50 songs with all 600 children in the county. The songs were funny, touching, goofy, gross—and completely enchanting. They turned out to be so good that Reisler asked a number of the county’s professional musicians—many of them nationally and internationally known—to record one song each in their own style. The album, Tidal Wave of Song, became an expression of the whole community—and of the power of song to inspire the spirit of community.

Since that first three-week residency in 1999, Kid Pan Alley has inspired a creative tidal wave of  more than 2700 original songs written and performed with over 65,000 children, from Vermont to Hawai'i. Our five studio albums feature such artists as Amy Grant, Sissy Spacek, Delbert McClinton, Kix Brooks, Cracker, The Nashville Chamber Orchestra and many others. The albums have won numerous awards including a Washington Area Music Association WAMMIE, Parents' Choice Gold and Silver honors, and a NAPPA Gold Award, as well as a Grammy nomination.


Kids love music. With their unfettered imaginations, they make great co-writers.  Imagine how different life will be for the children who get the chance to see themselves as creators while connecting with their peers and learning to respect each other's ideas. Kid Pan Alley wrote “One Little Song Can Change the World” with a group of fourth graders - and we believe it’s true.  Our vision is to help children develop their skills of creativity and collaboration so they can build the future that they hope to see.

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