Our Little Song Can Change the World

One Little Song Can Change the World is a collection of songs about respect—respect for the each other, the environment, the community and oneself written from the unique perspective of children working with Kid Pan Alley songwriters. These are powerful songs about how we should treat each other performed by the Grammy nominated Kid Pan Alley Band along with some world-class guest vocalists.  These songs speak of the dreams and aspirations of the children about how they want their world to be. It’s not adults writing songs about how children should act, but rather a surprisingly sophisticated worldview as seen through the eyes of children.  

“We see what kids are thinking by what they want to write songs about.  The topic that comes up the most is bullying and respect. says KPA founder Paul Reisler.  “These are some of those songs that speak through the eyes of children – from what they feel, not what us adults think they should feel. May these songs help heal the wounds and restore respect for one another.”

Why it’s called One Little Song Can Change the World:

We’ve all felt transformed by a great song at some time in our lives — the song that made us feel better on a bad day, the song that made us realize something about ourselves or our world, that special song that gave us the courage to stand up for what was right. There are songs that have inspired great change throughout history and songs that have changed us as individuals. There are the thousands of Kid Pan Alley songs that have changed the tens of thousands of children who wrote them and the hundreds of thousands of people who have heard them. We hope one of those little songs might help change the world for our children.

These songs are also featured in Kid Pan Alley’s assembly program Stand Up and Be Heard, One Little Song Can Change the World.

"'One Little Song Can Change the World', and you will believe it afresh after listening to this new recording from Kid Pan Alley.  The songs carry the insightful and foresightful truths of young artistic spirits, and the music is a sharp, clear, clever, beautiful embodiment of these wise-before-their-years young writers.  It is often said that Kid Pan Alley inspires students—it isn’t just students who come away from this work inspired.”  Eric Booth, actor and author of “The Music Teaching Artist’s Bible” and “The Every Day Work of Art.” Professor at Julliard & Stanford University—considered the father of the teaching artist profession

"One Little Song Can Change the World is a joyous children's music album, featuring original songs co-written by students in ten different schools and Kid Pan Alley founder/artistic director Paul Reisler. A range of vocal and music styles add variety to this delightful and inspiring album, brimming with positive messages and hope for the future. Highly recommended, both for family and public library children's music collections."         Midwest Book Review