Give Local Piedmont

Kid Pan Alley is part of Give Local Piedmont, a community wide fundraising effort on May 7th.All donations to Kid Pan Alley will be more than doubled thanks to a matching donation from board members and bonuses from GLP. This year you can schedule your pledge beginning on April 23rd. Thanks to the match, every $25 in donations will fund 2 children for a week of Kid Pan Alley. There are also generous prizes for the organizations that receive the most unique donations, so even a donation of $10. can help them inspire more children.Last year they won that prize and received an additional $2,500!

We live in a creative economy, yet most arts education focuses on the re-creative.I think you’ll find Kid Pan Alley to be a powerful way to inspire kids in the creative process and we believe that is our future.

Would you be willing to commit to making a donation of $25 or more during their upcoming fundraiser starting April 23rd -May 7that www.GiveLocalPiedmont/KidPanAlleyImportant

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“What Kids Say About KPA” video

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