For 20 years, Kid Pan Alley has inspired and empowered children to become creators of their own music and culture.


2019 Highlights

  • wrote almost 100 songs in 25 schools and libraries with over 2500 kids performed concerts of original Kid Pan Alley music for over 14,000 people
  • released our 5th studio album — Best Friends — featuring Kid Pan Alley songs written by kids
  • produced The Talented Clementine — a Kid Pan Alley musical based on the beloved Clementine series that uses songs written by Paul Reisler with elementary school children
  • held a weekend songwriting camp for adults at Castleton Festival Theatre House, featuring Ysaÿe Barnwell of Sweet Honey in the Rock and actress/director Dietlinde Turban Maazel
  • expanded our intergenerational program, The Stories We Share, to more schools, giving children the opportunity to write songs based on the life experiences of elders from their own community and those who have come from faraway places
  • hired a new Executive Director, Jen Jacobsen, to expand the reach of our programs, ensure growth and sustainability, and lead Kid Pan Alley into the next 20 years.

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