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Songs From Our Albums

I Used to Know the Names of All the Stars – Jesse Winchester

Bouncing off the Bottom – Suzy Boggus

My Sister – Corey Harris

Songs about the Environment

Little Drop of Water – Beth Nielsen Chapman

That’s What the Ancestors Whispered to Me

Take Care of the Earth

Love Songs

Whispering in Spanish – Raul Malo

We Could Make a Song About Love – Terri Allard

Give Me Water

Funny Songs

Stinky Socks – Lari White

My Dog Did My Homework – Sparky’s Flaw

You Think Stink Bugs Stink?

Holiday Songs

It Doesn’t Cost Anything But Love

Christmas in Tennessee – Amy Grant

Across the Ages – Intergenerational Songs

Three Chords and the Truth

I Can’t Remember What I Forgot – Tommy Sims

The Music of Art – Museum Partnerships

To Share the Beauty of Art

We Need No Excuse for Dreaming

Strike Up the Band – Orchestral Partnerships

I Do Love Virginia – Sissy Spacek

Scary Things – John Bindel

Anti-Bullying Songs

If You Can’t Love Yourself – Nate Brown

I Don’t Think So You’re A Bully

Give Local Piedmont • It was an amazing day. Thanks to 119 donors, matching gifts, bonuses, and 2nd prize for most donors, we raised over $38,000 which will provide a week of Kid Pan Alley for over 1,500 children. Thank you. You have changed the world for these children.

Kid Pan Alley on new Julie Andrews Netflix Series

Julie Andrews has a new Netflix series, Julie’s Greenroom, and Kid Pan Alley is on Episode 6.  It’s a series about the creative arts and children produced by the Jim Henson Company, the creators of Sesame Street.  Our episode features Sara Bareilles.  We were filmed at a summer camp we did last summer in Amherst, VA called Summer Stage.

YouTube Preview Image

Bouncin’–the new Kid Pan Alley Musical

We have a new musical featuring mostly Kid Pan Alley songs. Paul Reisler, our founder and Artistic Director, wrote the additional songs and the script.  It’s a moving story of friendship that dissolves and comes back together in crisis.  George Mason University presented a staged reading in December and we’re currently working on booking it for full performances.  Here are some excerpts from the December performance


“Kid Pan Alley is the quintessential program for helping kids to experience their creative power, their voice, and their own self-expression. This is the kind of experience that changes lives.”

Kathy Mattea, Grammy Award Winner
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